Ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!

Message to the Black Freemasons

Dear Grand master et al,

I am writing to you to enlighten you further as to my current predicament, in hope that a way can be found to resolve a moral difficulty I am faced with; that I believe you would want to address if you could.

It is my belief that I have been seen as very useful by members of the Black free masons for many years , due to my moral commitments and out spoken nature and skills and abilities to understand and communicate ways to resolve issues. My skills displayed around working successfully with ALL types of crack users I believe drew me to your attention.

I believe due to my out spoken ways at a conference in 1996, powers higher than you were alarmed but what truths I fearlessly expressed and consequently I started to experience blocks and restrictions in some of the paths I desired to develop. I was no longer welcome to speak at any conference and new policies were being brought into place requiring care services to provide ‘outcome and assessment’ i.e. endless data on client, to justify the use of public monies. I could not condone this way of working; it was conflict for my soul.

After much deliberation I found a solution to this matter and resolved it by setting up my own independent service for women crack users. offers of help with funding , volunteers came my way , but I felt to continue in the ways I worked successfully with crack users fundamentally to my practice was anonymity for my clients. I therefore declined offers and self financed my service via providing training to those working with this client group.

I was aware that I was going against what the higher bodies wanted and knew they would try to stop me but was willing to try and see how far I could reach, whilst observing what tactics would be used to stop me.
I am now fully aware of tactics available and used by any means necessary.

Due to me not heeding to intercepted/interfered with phones ,overt surveillance and employment obstruction ;it is my belief a mind control slave was sent to me to keep me busy. She had been put on crack and her daughter was up for adoption and she behaved like no other crack user I had ever seen, yet had a fight in her like no other to achieve her goal.

My perception built through years now of observing conduct around me, along with my knowledge of others is that she was provided for the task to hold me down /destroy me if necessary by connections with your organisation.

Bu through the bringing of our 2 selves together and our surviving all means used to control mind control slaves I have gained unprecedented insight into the workings of the world.

Due to our success in finding ways to deprogram past the mind controlled enslavement amnesic barriers to the hidden memories, I believe we were considered by higher handlers in the CIA to be in need of re-routing onto separate paths.

I believe at whatever level you connect willingly to this operation of bringing the 2 of us together, you also were involved in the parting of the 2 of us. You now sit in anticipation of me providing information/knowledge I gained during those times. And you may feel satisfied and justified with the process. But yes I am sure you were fully aware she was CIA trained and that they have the ultimate say, but I don’t think you necessarily know what the CIA have trained her in, I’m sure you want me to tell you.

Also I don’t believe you were aware that I was very possibly programmed age 2-4 and 7-10 in what I have come to understand is called ‘Russian doll programming’. I am yet to unravel that matter, but have a strong sense of connection with ‘TRIZ’; problem solving.
It was upon learning of this programming that I could see a new reality appear. Previously I had thought she was given to me to hold me down. Now seeing I was most likely trained in problem solving and knowing so was she; I now believe yes she was sent to hold me down but each one teach one meanwhile. Why would the CIA and whoever trained me waste our skills whilst we were together? Put 2 problem solvers together and what would be expected?

Enlightened to this reality I became aware of how much others want me to speak my knowledge, albeit some are selective in what I focus on. I realise how much I must ultimately choose what topics I address, utilizing my time wisely.
This is where the biggest bamboozling occurs. I have been writing on our relationship path and including information on mind control aspects, but have come to a moral dilemma that I cannot resolve alone; therefore I have been morally check mated and had to stop that writing path.

The handling of our relationship is so extreme that no communication from her to me is allowed, but the moral dilemma requires her consent.

For those at CIA level this is not an issue, for they are not concerned path I write, they know these things I tell. Due to me having to stop writing that part I have had to look for an alternative topic to address and I am strongly drawn to explaining how to deprogram, this is needed by all in a sense and so would seemingly please all.

But I am aware as you are the race aspects of mind control are an issue that needs to be addressed; for there are miss-informers out there steering the public to believe it’s a white thing. This will only serve to divide and rule, and for many Black people they will be more inclined to say that shit is of no interest to me cos we can’t be programmed blah, blah.

I therefore want strongly to address this or I fear it will not be addressed, I believe you can comprehend my predicament and see how you have been false led to believe I would provide the desired results, whilst the top banana handlers have it their way; that is me providing information on human behaviour general and race matters are not their concern.

I write all of this not because I condone what you do, cos I don’t. I believe you would say the ends justify the means, and by any means necessary. But yes I agree and as you may be aware I told the home office this in the early 90’s, but not ALL means are necessary. I never have had to reduce myself to in human means to get what I want. And I don’t believe it was necessary for my partner nor me to be put through what we have to endure; sometimes you just have to ask nicely, that’s all.

Anyhow what I am writing for is to express to you honestly what is the current situation and know that if in any way you can orchestrate for me to gain consent on matters I need to write , which are currently being held in check mate ;then do so. For else I fear the Black experience may not be heard. Yes I am aware I came to this earth in white wrapping, but as it stands I think I am the only person expressing the life experience of Black mind controlled slaves. Although as to where you sit on the morality of such atrocities I am yet to discover. Hopefully you all see it is wrong, but that you feel your hands are tied.

Thank you for taking the time to read my expression of my truth and may the consequences be positively fruitful to all.